The safest way for your software development project!

Programming new application software or having it programmed is a complex and therefore cost-intensive process. In many cases, this means that software is still used when it no longer meets the company’s current requirements or is already technologically out of date.

SITOLUTIONS Software-Prototype-Engineering is a process by this a fully functional software prototype can be “modeled” very quickly. By this procedure the organizational and technical requirements for the new software are developed and implemented promptly and efficiently by using our practical approach.

SITOLUTIONS Software-Prototype-Engineering advantages:

  • Minimizing risk for investment decisions.
  • High level of transparency regarding the development status and therefore great budget security.
  • Rapid availability of a prototype application with the first basic functionalities.
  • Optimized project lead times due to greater flexibility in the development phase.
  • Implicit improvement of business processes through cyclical evaluation.
  • Use of hidden sources of knowledge from employee participation.
  • Improved acceptance of the software in the organization.
  • Early validation of critical software requirements.

“What is the idea? – How does this work?”

SITOLUTIONS Software-Prototype-Engineering is a combination of software development and consulting services. We work with so-called “key user” teams to define the requirements and to create your software prototype.

As part of doing it this way, the key users itself develop a very clear idea of what the new application software should achieve.

The key success factor is our professional moderation of key user workshops and the project communication as a whole.

“What is a software prototype and what is the different to Software-Prototype-Engineering?”

“A software prototype is a dynamic visual model that provides a communication tool for customers and developers that is much more effective than narrative prose or static visual models for representing functionality. ” (Connell. 1989)

What we do is, to create a “living” software prototype the users can interact. Therefor they get an idea, of how it will be to work with the new finished software, in a very early stage of the project.

Discovered solution approaches, such as new or modified business processes, are reliably evaluated by using our software prototype.

“How long does it take to obtain first results?”

Depending on the project size and available customer resources, it takes 2 to 4 weeks after project start.

“Which framework do we need?”

Working spaces and human resources are provided by the customer and technical resources are provided by us.

“The prototype is completed – Whats the next step?”

There are more possibilities and it depends on the operational area. Expand the prototype or use the prototype as a basis to develop a completely new application. One thing is certain, the decision will be constitute very well.

“Is the process applicable for our company?”

Yes! SITOLUTIONS Software-Prototype-Engineering is applicable for all firm sizes, because it is affordable and effective. The developers focus is on middle sized firms who are able to determine the development process of their application independently.

It is also thinkable to use SITOLUTIONS Software-Prototype-Engineering for Start-Ups. However, our team will be in a supporting role.

You have any furder questions?”

Feel free to contact us. We are happy to get in touch with you.

Cover Photo by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay